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Rose Parrakeet A-4  S/N 108  NX29111

N-number                 : NX29111
Aircraft Serial Number   : 108
Aircraft Manufacturer    : ROSE
         Model           : PARAKEET A-4
Aircraft Year            : 1940
Owner Name               :
Owner Address            : 908 SANDALWOOD AVE
                           FULLERTON, CA, 92835
Type of Owner            : Individual
Registration Date        :
Airworthiness Certificate:
Current Status           : Damaged in crash 1949.
                                                      restoration in-progress.

The last of the production Rose Parrakeets by Rose  Aeroplane & Motor Co., NX29111 was the first Parrakeet A-4.  It was built as an experimental test bed for a fuel injected Continental A-65. According to CAA/FAA documents, Jack Rose applied for registration in December 1940 and certification as an experimental aircraft pending test flights as the first A-4-C. The experimental certification was issued 20 Dec, 1940 for 90 days. The experimental certification was applied for by Jack Rose and renewed more than once in 1941 and 1942 at which time the aircraft was sold to Ronald L, Kendall,  It was subsequently sold to Millard J. Sommer on 23 September, 1942.  Sommer ferried it to Helena, Arkansas.  NX29111 was sold to William C. Fischer on 16 September, 1946.  He ferried it to Decorah, Illinois. Bill Fischer obtained an experimental certification for the purpose of aerobatic performances 27 May, 1947.   He reapplied for that certification in 18 May 1948 and notes that the engine had been changed to to "an 85hp".

NX29111 was severely damaged on 25 April, 1949, in a crash that killed 28 year old air show performer Bill Fischer.  NX29111 never received an air worthiness certificate in the "Normal" category.  See the fatal crash articles. 
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(NX29111 account Dan Rhinehart  11/06/05)
Here are pictures of NX29111 S/N108.  It was delivered in 1940? What makes it noteworthy is that it was the first model A4 Parrakeet.  It has many characteristics in common with the Rhinehart Rose A-4-C. It was originally powered by fuel injected A-65 Continental. The pictures here were taken shortly after its delivery. This airplane was yellow and blue like an army PT-17.

(NX29111 account Dan Rhinehart  11/06/05)
Here are the next series of pictures of Parraket NX29111 in its second configuration. In this configuration this airplane was re-engined with a fuel injected Continental C-85-8FJ. As you can also see it was modified with spring steel landing gear. The landing gear modification was done by Steve Whitmann. Along with the landing gear modification came what look to be wheels and brakes off of a Cessna C-140 as well as the addition of a steerable tailwheel.

Also of note is the exhaust system and ground adjustable propeller. I believe that this airplane was red and cream in color.  This was the airshow airplane of Bill Fischer of Dekora, Iowa. Bill died in NX29111 in April 1949 in Jackson Mississippi. The airplane was equipped with a micarta bladed ground adjustable propeller. Bill Fisher was friends with Lowell White who pointed out to Bill that his prop had a crack in the hub area of one blade. Bill had said that it was "just a crack in the finish" and it has always been like that since I have owned the prop. The aforementioned propeller blade failed during an airshow at the bottom of a loop causing the engine to separate from the airplane and at that point the airplane pitched violently upward and over stressing the airframe. This caused both left wing panels to separate from the airplane. The airplane hit the ground in sort of a side slip and burned. The engine sliding down the runway in a shower of sparks. This was conveyed to me by Lowell White who witnessed the accident. As irony would have it, I talked to Lowell just this evening. I did not discuss the accident with Lowell this evening, but I did talk to him about borrowing his copy of his VHS tape of Bill Fischer doing an Airshow in this airplane. I am planning on copping it to DVD. I will pass along a copy to you when possible.

As for the pictures I sent you of Bill Fischer's Parrakeet. The pictures were copied from original pictures in 1967. This was just the date that these copies were processed. The first set was taken about 1940 and the second set about 1947-49. Take care, Dan

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Raymond Bittner & Rose Parrakeet A-4C NX29111

Above—NX29111. Hand written note "29111  Raymond Bitttner Eng for ,,???"  According to Dan Rhinehart the paint scheme had a blue fuselage with yellow wings.
Below —NX29111 from rear. Note single large instrument mounted on panel.  Photos probably circa1940. Photos courtesey of Dan Rhinehart.

Rose Parrakeet A-4 NX29111

Above—Bill Fischer & NX29111. Note spring landing gear, larger engine & jury strut from lower wing spar.  Photo repinted from April 1991, EAA Experimenter. Photo credited as courtesy of Don Christiansen.  Photo probably circa 1947-49.

Rose Parrakeet A-4 NX29111

Above—NX29111 left profile as painted by Bill Fischer. 
Below—NX29111 right front quartering view shows Bill Fischer and interested young boy. Photos dated 1947-49.  Courtesy of Dan Rhinehart

Rose Parrakeet A-4C NX29111

Below—NX29111 right rear quartering view taken shortly before Bill Fisher's death in 1949.  Photo reprinted from Aviation Quarterly, Vol. 6 Issue 1.

Rose Parrakeet A-4 NX29111

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