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Rhinehart Rose Parrakeet A4-C  S/N 507  NC14883

N-number                  : N14883
Aircraft Serial Number    : 507
Aircraft Manufacturer     : ROSE-RHINEHART
         Model            : A4-C
Engine   Manufacturer     : CONT MOTOR
         Model            : 0-200 SERIES
Aircraft Year             : 1975
Owner Name                : Charles W. Gatschet
Owner Address             : 34000 Driskell Lane
                            Weston, Missouri 64098
Type of Owner             : Individual
Registration Date         : not updated
Airworthiness Certificate : Standard
Approved Operations       : Normal

This aircraft appears in the 1986 movie "Poncho Barnes".  Unfortunately, the film took enormous liberty with the time line of events in Pancho's life as well as many of the facts.

In the part of the 1986 movie "Pancho Barnes" covering the 1929 Powder Puff Derby, the film makers have Pancho flying a Travel Air Model R "Mystery Ship" (mono plane), which she did not own until some time later. In Fact, Pancho flew a Travel Air 4000 biplane.  Marvel Crossen flew a Travel Air 2000 biplane w/ OX-5 engine in the race, but in the movie they put her in Rhinehart-Rose Parrakeet NC14883. Jack Rose didn't complete his pre-production prototype NX12084 until 1931 and commercial certification for NC13677 wasn't granted until 1935! They also show Amelia Earhart in a Ryan STA (low wing, open cockpit, mono plane) instead of a Lockheed Vega (high wing, enclosed cabin, 5 passenger, monoplane). They also ignored the fact that there were two divisions among the racers based on cubic inch displacement of the engines in their respective aircraft. The eventual Derby winner, Louise Thaden flew a Travel Air 4000 biplane w/ radial engine and a "speed ring cowling", which may be the one Travel Air 4000 actually shown in the movie, but that is not made clear at all.  At the end of the Derby, the National Air races started in Cleveland. It was here that Poncho saw the first Travel Air Model R "Mystery Ship" flown by Doug Davis, which won the pylon speed races that year.

According to Nick Spark, Producer of "Pancho Barnes!" A documentary film (a work still in progress) at:, there is no record that Pancho flew a Rose Parrakeet. 

Play a video clip of
NC14883 as filmed in the 1986 movie "Pancho Barnes" .
This is a 6.6 MB file.

See more photos of N14883 taken in 1989

Right & Below - Three photos of N14883 from sales web site prior to sale of aircraft to Skip Gatschet.

Above - N14883 as delivered to first owner Judy Lindquist.
Below - 1975 owner Judy Lindquist(?) in N14883.  Photos reprinted from Aviation Quarterly, Volume. 6, Issue 1

( Charles W. "Skip" Gatschet - 4/24/06 )
I purchased Rhinehart-Rose Parrakeet N14883 (serial # 507) from Winslow Jones and now operate it from its home at Atchison, Kansas. I flew it back from the Chicago area on April 13th and have flow it about ten hours since. It is a delightful little machine, and I look forward to getting better acquainted with it.


Above - Photo of N14883 on final for landing at AAA National Fly-In 2009 at Blakesburg, IA. 

Below -
Photo of N14883 taxiing for take off.  Skip Gatschet,.owner & PIC.  Photo by Robert Hughes..


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