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Rose Parrakeet A-1  S/N 106  NC14866

N-number                  : N14866
Aircraft Serial Number    : 106
Aircraft Manufacturer     : ROSE
         Model            : PARAKEET A-1
Aircraft Year             :    
Owner Name                : DECAMP LARRY
Owner Address             : 1114 E 1382 RD
                            LAWRENCE, KS, 66046
Type of Owner             : Individual
Registration Date         : 02-Dec-1992
Airworthiness Certificate : Not Specified

This aircraft is the first of two Parrakeets sold to Mr. Wilfred J. "Bill" Viau of Culver City, CA.  However ten days after it's CAA certification test flight on August 20,1936, it was entered into the Ruth Chatterton Air Derby and severely damaged near South Vienna, Ohio.  Mr. Viau then agreed to purchase S/N 105 NC14881, which was delivered to him in California on 20 July, 1937.

NC14866  was taken back to Rose Aeroplane & Motor Co. to be rebuilt, but parts were used for other aircraft.  The fuselage was used in the late 60s to create fixtures for the Rhinehart-Rose production in Farmington, NM.  After Doug Rhinehart's death in 1978, the airframe for S/N 106 was acquired by Ed Sweat who intended to restore NC14866.   In 1992, the airframe was purchased by Larry DeCamp and it is currently nearing completion of a careful restoration to original 1936 condition.

Right - Jack Rose (left) & Wilfred Viau (right) with NC14866.  Hand written notes at top of photo "NC14866     J.W. Rose   W.J. Viau".  Date unknown, but obviously before crash on 30 August, 1936.  Courtesy of Dan Rhinehart.

Rose Parrakeet A-1 NC14866

( Larry DeCamp on 4/14/06)
 "Current status is ready to paint. Extremely original 40 horse restoration from Rose Drawings and Pics from 1936."

See more pictures of NC14866 as it is being restored by Larry DeCamp

Larry DeCamp Rose Parrakeet A-1 NC14866

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Above - Newspaper photo of crashed aircraft.  Photo courtesy of Dan Rhinehart.

Left - Owner/Restorer Larry DeCamp with NC14866 during current  restoration.    Photo courtesy of Larry DeCamp 

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