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Rose Parrakeet A-1  S/N 102  NC14842 & N89N

N-number                      : N14842
Aircraft Serial Number        : 102
Aircraft Manufacturer         : ROSE
           Model              : PARAKEET A-1
Engine   Manufacturer         : LYCOMING
           Model              : 0-290 SERIES
Aircraft Year                 : 1936
Owner Name                    : HAYS JAMES B
Owner Address                 : 4000 CTY RD 339
                                BROWNWOOD, TX, 76803
Type of Owner                 : Individual
Registration Date             : 19-Aug-1995
Airworthiness Certificate Type: Experimental
Approved Operations           : Exhibition

Rose Parrakeet S/N 102 NC14842 was manufactured April 1936. It was registered with commercial production certification with the CAA.   However, it was sold, minus engine to Scott Aircraft Motors, Kansas City, MO for $750 on 28 May 1936.  Leyland Scott registered it as experimental NX14842 and used it as a test bed for his two cylinder Scott 40 hp engine.  Scott Aircraft sold it to John Ahern on 15 August, 1944. He in turn sold it to Warren Hartquist of St. Paul, MN in 1947. 

Howard Libersky found it in a vocational education school in 1948 and purchased it from Hartquist.   According to an Air worthiness Certificate Application submitted by Libersky in 1950, he removed an A-40-4 engine and mount, which he replaced with an O-235-C engine and new mount.  He also reinforced wing attach points on fuselage, added two ribs to all tail surfaces and a metal leading edge to all wings.  Carl R. "Dick" Owens of Ottumwa, IA purchased it in 1952.  He flew it as an air show plane until 1955.

It changed hands several times until it was purchased by Robert D. "Bob" Nance in late 1957.  Bob Nance had an O-290 engine installed plus a built up turtle deck and ailerons on the upper wings with push rod from lower ailerons.  He also reregistered NX14842 as experimental N89N. Bob flew N89N in air shows for two years.  He claims to have routinely dived it to 190 mph with 7 G dive recoveries.  It was Jack Rose's opinion that Nance had ruined the basic flying characteristics of the aircraft.

N89N was owned by Nance until '59/60 when it quickly changed hands twice (official bills of sale from Nance not in FAA registry) before being purchased by John Luebke in '62. N89N was last issued an air worthiness certificate in '69 when owned by John Luebke. Luebke flew it, then sold it to a former owner Robert McDaniels in '70. McDaniels sold it to Dorr Carpenter in '79 who immediately reregistered it as NC14842. Jim Hayes was one of three people in a partnership that bought the airplane in '83, but the "official" FAA bill of sale to Jim Hayes  was signed in '89 by Dorr Carpenter.

NC14842 is currently owned and partially restored by Jim Hayes, but has not been issued an air wothiness certificate since 1969.

Bud Atkins & Rose Parrakeet NC14842

Above - Test Pilot, Bud Atkins poses with Rose S/N 102,  NC14842 with Scott twin installed.  Probably taken near Marysville, Missouri. Photo courtesy of Dan Rhinehart

Rose Parrakeet N14842

Above - Rose S/N 102, NC14842 after rebuild with Lycoming O-235 engine by Howard Libersky in 1950.  Photo from "The Parrakeet Pilot, Fourth Issue, March 1998.

See more Pictures of NC14842/N89N as owned by Dick Owens, Bob Nance and John Luebke

(from Walt Grigg - 3/31/2006)
Howdy, Came upon your site, and thought to pass on a thing or three. In 1957, I was working as a Mechanic at Greensboro- High Point Airport. One day, in comes the only Parakeet I had seen. Flown by Bob Nance, then a pilot for Piedmont Airlines... The aircraft was basically a Rag...ratty as hell. Silver and green. Powered by a Lycoming 105 hp....Some weeks later, was driving away from Main Airport, when I saw an airplane sitting in an open building...Stopped, and went in. It was the Parakeet, in a dismantled state. Here was Mel Robinson. Knew Mel from working line at Hickory, NC Airport. Mel said he was restoring the Parakeet for Nance. Fairing in the turtleback, enlarging the fin and rudder (I believe) and various other things. Again some weeks went before seeing Mel again. He said he and Nance had fallen out over money owed.. Airline pilots are cheap as hell..I've known a few. Have no idea as to disposition of Parakeet.

As you may know, years later, Mel was killed when aileron flutter collapsed the wings on his R-1340 powered Stearman.

(7/26/06 email from Jim Hayes) - Finally found your website. You have done a lot of research, perhaps I could add some. N89N is actually #102 while highly modified with a pressure cowl and O-290 after the O-235 was removed. The N no. was restored to the origional before I bought it from Dorr Carpenter years ago.  ...  I will send some information on the birds [S/N 120 & 107] for your website. Also have a lot of stuff from Jack Rose's papers some of which may be of interest. There has been a lot of information printed on the Parrakeets, some of which wasn't too factual. Sparky Barnes' article in CUSTOM PLANES was one of the best.
Regards, Jim Hays

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