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Rose Parrakeet A-1 NC18252 - More Photos 1

Above left, right and below - Photos of NC18252 taken in Rhinehart hanger Aztec, NM circa December 1964 and early 1965.  Photos courtesy of Dan Rhinehart.

Right  - Doug in NC18252 sometime in 1966. Same photo as used on 1966 Alamogordo Show Bill.  Photo courtesy of Pete Ettinger

Above  Left - NC18252 at Texas AAA Fly-In Arlington, TX 1966.  Pete Ettinger refueling his Fleet in background. 
Above Right - Photo op for young lady.
Below Left - front view.  Photos by Doug Rhinehart.
Below Right - enlargement of Parrakeet artwork with words "1938" and "Rose" -- "Parrakeet" .  Photos courtesey of Pete Ettinger.

Right - Bob McDaniels seated in NC18252 probably at Arlinton, TX AAA fly-in.  Bob sold Doug his first Rose Parrakeet NC14843.  Photo reprinted from Aviation Quarterly, Volume 6 Issue 1.

Above , Right & Below - Photo from article in Otero County Star, Alamogordo, NM, Friday 4Nov 4, 1966.  Article discusses airshow which took place on Sunday, 30 October. 

Left -  Doug's Show Bill for the same event.  Hand written note at top "My last Show for 1966" Courtesy of Pete Ettinger.

Right - NC14843 (dark 'Keet' in background) and NC8252 (white in forground) parked on ramp at AAA National Fly-In, Ottumwa, IA circa 1966?  Photo courtesy of Don Pellegreno.

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