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Foster Hannaford Jr.

1913 -  born 6 Dec 1913

1923(?) - Forrest(?) Hannaford (Foster's father) establishes
              Hannaford Aircraft Co.

1948 - Foster Hannaford, Jr. licensed by Jack Rose to
                  produce Hannaford Rose Parrakeet A-4

1948 - attempts to certify Blackhawk Rose S/N 00 as
            Hannaford Parrakeet S/N A4-00
         - changes name on drawings and advertising to
            Hannaford Aircraft

1950 -  Hanniford Aircraft sells S/N A4-01, N34253 as
              "Experimental" Hanniford A-4 to Roy Pavlik.
          -  May have also sold S/N A4-02, N34254

1950? - Jack Rose gets court order to stop attempts to
             certify Hannaford A-4 under TC 2-514

Above - 1955 photo of Stanley Dzik (left) looking on as CAA Maint. Agent Anthony Maugeri (center) congratulates Paul Poberezney (right) after successful first flight of a Corben Baby Ace.  Stanley Dzik had drawn up the plans for the Baby Ace.  Photo by George Hardie, Jr. from Januaruy 1955, EAA Experimenter, pg. 5

Above - Photo of Foster Hannaford Jr. & Paul Poberezny at EAA Mid-Winter Fly-In, Curtiss Wright Airport, Milwaukee, WI, 26 February, 1955.  N40100 in background.  Photo from May 1955, EAA Experimenter..

1956 - Hannaford Bee Model D-1 plans drawn by Stan Dzik

1956 - Sells Rose S/N 109 N40100 as Hannaford Bee
            to Stan Dzik
          - Sells remaining airframes S/N A4-03 & 04 as "kit parts"

1956-71 - Sells Model D-1 Plans to Experimental Builders

1971 - October - Foster Hannaford dies in auto accident
             near Waukesha, WI.

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