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5/10/09 - Selected Manuals & Drawings now available for download to registered members at Rose Parrakeet Forum

"The Parrakeet Pilot" newsletter Eleventh Issue , March 2009 now available! contact Barry

4/9/07 Photos added N1154A & N9001H .  Plus more info on Blackhawk Aircraft Co.

Parts Available!
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6/6/06 Site reorganized, Photos &
People Index added

Video clip of N120SE at Airman's Acres, Tulsa, OK.
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Play video clips of
NC14883 as filmed in the 1986 movie "Pancho Barnes".
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Welcome to the Rose Parrakeet Aeroplane Home Page www.roseparrakeet.org

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Dedicated to the Men & Women
Designed, Built and Flew All Variations
of the
Rose Parrakeet
BlackHawk Aircraft Co.
Hannaford Aircraft Co.
Rhinehart-Rose Mfg.
Experimental Reproductions

Site Designed & Maintained
by Members of the
Parrakeet Pilots Club

Above - Flight of Four Parrakeets At Blakesburg 2009 
From left to right Rhinehart Rose Parrakeets 
NC14883 & NC14884, Hannaford D1 N1154A and Parrakeet Reproduction N111EJ.  Original photo by Robert Hughes, 2009. Cropped & modified as banner strip by DG  Click on N-numbers above to see more pics of these A/C

4/15/09 - Rose Parrakeet Discussion Forum.  A place to leave comments, ask construction questions of forum moderators Larry DeCamp and Dan Rhinehart. Also check for planes, parts, services and plans for sale. Click Here

Play .mp3 Biplane Refrain

Above - Rose Parrakeet Biplane Illustration  Click to play Biplane refrain
Illustration by Tony Weddel. Note N-number in illustration is ficticious, but everything else is pure Parrakeet. Note: the line of the engine mount and thrust line appear to be for A4C w/ 65-100 hp engine rather than lower A-1 thrust line w/ 40 hp engine.  Reprinted from Aviation Quarterly, Volume 6, Issue 1, cover.

I first met Dan Rhinehart via email because of a picture of his father, Doug Rhinehart with Rose Parrakeet NC14881 at the Alameda, NM airport (since paved over as a shopping mall) on the internet.  My initial focus was to write an article about this interesting biplane for our local EAA Chapter 179 in Albuquerque, NM. Then Dan asked me to help him track down pictures, articles and memorabilia of Doug and his "Keets".  I have had some success at that, but the "TV film footage" Dan remembers from the early 70's still eludes us.  I subsequently contracted "Parrakeet Fever", joined the Antique Airplane Association and the Parrakeet Pilot's Club.  I have recently bought plans to review.  The Parrakeet, the people and the history fascinate me, hence the attempt to document the whole story in one place.  However, there is no doubt that this web site still reflects my on-going effort to help Dan. If you have any photographs, articles, memorabilia, anecdotes or film footage of Doug Rhinehart, please send it to me at webmaster@roseparrakeet.org and I'll send it on to Dan.  I hope that a side benefit of the web site is to create new or renewed interest in building and restoring Rose Parrakeets.

See the "
History" links to learn more about the fascinating story of the development of all of the Parrakeet Aeroplanes including the Rose Parrakeet, Blackhawk Rose Parrakeet, Hannaford Rose Parrakeet, Hannaford Bee, Rhinehart Rose Parrakeet and experimental reproductions as well as the people (People Index) who designed, built and flew all versions of the Rose Parrakeet (Aircraft Index).  There is also an incomplete Bibliography of Parrakeet Articles .

To support current Parrakeet owners, we have provided a
"Parrakeet Pilot's Club" section which features information about the Antique Aircraft Association's  "Parrakeet Pliots Club" and "The Parrakeet Pilot" newsletter by Editor, Barry Taylor (See Newsletter Index).  In case you missed it elsewhere on this page, we have also added Parrakeet Discussion Forum.

For those individuals who are interested in building a Rose Parrakeet from plans, we have included the
"Construction" section moderated by Larry DeCamp, Parrakeet owner & restorer (Rose Parrakeet S/N 106, NC14866).  Also plans and parts available are listed in the Rose Parrakeet Forum

If you own a Rose, Rhinehart Rose or experimental Parrakeet and would like to send photographs, anecdotes or historical information, please send them to me at the email below. 
Thanks, Don Gillmore

Factoid:  Although your spell checker may try to correct you, Jack Rose chose to use the British spelling for "Parrakeet" with the double "r" back in 1929.  Most "Keet" aficionados prefer it that way.  That not withstanding there are more than a few Parakeet, Pajarito (Spanish for Parakeet), Hannaford Bee & D-1 registered by the FAA.

If you liked the "Biplane" refrain above, click the image below to play the full version of the Irish Rover's song "Biplane Evermore", mp3 - 2.2 MB.

Play mp3 Biplane Evermore full version

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